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  1. I cannot figure out how to make my blogroll appear. I suspect that it is something stupid that I have overlooked.

  2. Are all of your links assigned to a category?

  3. No. How do I do that? I said that I am far from expert in this.

  4. Michael, I assume that you have already specified the links in your blogroll and just want to display them. To do this:

    1. Make a category for your links as follows:

    Go to My Dashboard -> Manage -> Categories.

    Click on "add new" to make a new category called, for example "blogroll".

    2. Assign your links to this new category as follows:

    Go to My Dashboard -> Options -> Writing.

    In this, you will find an entry called default bookmark category. Select "blogroll" and hit the "Update Options" button.

    3. Enable the blog to display your blogroll as follows:

    Go to My Dashboard -> Presentation -> Widgets.

    Drag the Links button from the menu at the bottom and drop it into the side-bar. For your theme, the side-bar is probably called the bottom-bar. Hit the "Save Changes" button.
    When you view your site after these steps, your blogroll should show up in your bottom-bar.

    Happy blogging,

    [If the above fails, refer to:

  5. Here's the checklist I did up on the subject.

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