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    I was going to add a number of links to other blogs and websites through the blogroll / links widget but I can only add 5 links to the blogroll and it wont allow me to add anymore. Is it a theme issue, or is it user error on my part. Is there a way to have more than 5 links featured on your blog?

    The blog I need help with is


    @cooking, you edit add links to the blogroll by going to “Links” in the left navigation module in your dashboard.


    I’ve done that but after adding five links it wont allow me to add any more. Do I need to create multiple categories to add more links?



    Can you add a grand total of five links? Or just five at a time? It could be an anti-spam measure, if it’s the latter.


    Grand total of five. :(



    I don’t see the Links widget in your sidebar. Can you put it there, however tiny it may be, so we can look at it?


    It seems that it was user error on my part either when I was copying the links wrong when inputting them manually and got syntax’s wrong links is up on my sidebar and everything is showing thanks for all your help everyone!


    *either when I was copying the links or when

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