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    Hi can anyone tell me how to show the blogs I am following in my blogroll and delete all the others that come with the widget? thank you

    The blog I need help with is


    You create a Blogroll in the Links section of your dashboard and you display the links you enter there in a Links widget in your sidebar. Once you do that the default display of links you now see will disappear.



    Thanks so much for the advice I will do it now. Also another question, my friends who follow me try to leave a comment or like my posts but unless they are a wordpress member they are unable to do so. This is very frustrating for them and for me. Is there anyway around this?
    cheers Judy



    Note that your followers do not need to be registered with, and there are several different ways that readers can become followers. It’s true that only other users can click the “like” button. You can allow only registered users to comment, or you can allow anyone to comment. If you allow anyone to comment, you can choose whether the name and email fields are required or not. These options are available on the Settings -> Discussion page under Other comment settings.



    thank you so much you have been very helpful


    Is there a way to display the RSS feed of the blogs on the blogroll so that the most recent post will be displayed – I’ve seen this done on Blogger, is it possible on WordPress? when I add the RSS feed in the Advanced section in Links, it doesn’t seem to display on my blog itself.

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