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    I have created a Blogroll and added links that I like. Now I am trying to arrange these links in a particular order but I am not seeing “Order by Name.” What shall I do? Please advise.

    The blog I need help with is



    Thank you for responding Raincoaster. Yes, I am seeing everything on the link you provided but this is the link I am referring to:

    I am not seeing the part that says “Order by Name.”



    You can use the filter options to show links from one category at a time or to change the order they are listed in. To change the way the links are filtered, select the options you want from the View all Categories or Order by Name drop down menus, then click the Filter button.
    To edit a link, hover over the link name and click the Edit option that appears below it. See the Add a Blogroll page for a description of each module.



    If I understand correctly, you’re not interested in changing the order on your dashboard screen, you’re interested in changing the order on your sidebar. To do that, you go to Appearance > Widgets, open the Links widget, select Link title from the “Sort by” pulldown, click Save.


    Thank you for responding Timethief and Justpi! Justpi, I followed your instructions and got the desired results. Although I am still not seeing the “Order by Name,” I will go ahead and close off this thread. Thank you everyone!



    You’re welcome.
    That option is currently missing, but as I implied its purpose was to rearrange the list of links on your dashboard.



    You’re welcome from me too. :)

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