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    Hi all!

    When I want to add a link to the blogroll (at MyDashboard – Blogroll – Add link), the categories of the blogroll appear to the right (these are not the same that the categories of the posts) where I want to include the link, and the possibility of creating a new category.

    When I create a category in the blogroll, which coincides with a category for the posts (for example, “Friends” in both places), the link is created without problems, but it does not appear later in the list of the blogroll.

    Is this a bug?

    Thanks very much!



    You need to have a post within the new category for the links to display.

    Workaround is to make a post with the new category attached and brag about the new links that you added.

    It’s discussed in the FAQ I believe but that’s basically it.

    Hope this helps,





    Not a problem. :)

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