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Blogroll appears in a reversed order of ranking incorrectly

  1. Hi again cathicarolblog:

    You're welcome for the sentiments.

    I ran across this "ratings" list at ABC News yesterday that demonstrates how I thought of the WP ratings widget, i.e., Number 1 is the "best", Number 2 the next best, etc.

    Ah ha! So not all Rating Systems are 10-1 afterall. Good to know! I keep thinking that whoever thinks/created the #10 as BEST Link Rating rather than #1 as being BEST is probably some male web-techie who is old enough to remember that dumb 1979 movie called "10" about some supposed "hot chick" (Bo Derek). I wondered if that movie's "social engineering influence" was the start of thinking the #10 means BEST rather than the historic #1 as meaning BEST(?) Since (I think) it is a majority of males who do coding & site designs, it wouldn't surprise me, lol. Per wiki:

    "The title [of the movie "10"] derives from a rating system used by people to rank members of the opposite sex based upon beauty, with a 10 being the epitome of attractiveness. It came into common usage as a result of this film."

    I'm from the "old school" where guys would say, "You're my #1 girl," not my #10 girl, lol. Ditto for how I think re Link Ratings. But I digress.

    Perhaps most WP users don't care how the widget works and either aren't bothered by the confusions and inefficiencies or don't want to bother inquiring about them.

    That seems to be basically true across the population at large. Not toooo many "nit pickers" among us (that being another less desirable description of those of us wired for details & efficiency). You have impressive credentials in the modern computer/internet world. A "get 'er done" attitude which can be frustrating when "other drivers control the wheel." I empathize, sincerely.

  2. @nq2wp

    3. Question: Are you saying I can create numerous menus besides that 1-Main.Menu & use those additional menus in sidebar/footer widgets?

    This is correct.

    4. Question: If I tap the plus symbol + (top right column) to create a 2nd menu (say, for links-only for a "Site Map" to use in footer widget), will creating that 2nd menu Delete/Destroy/WipeOut my 1st Main Menu? (I'm chicken to try it without your reassurance that my 1st Main Menu will NOT be deleted or lost if I tap the + sign to create a 2nd "Site Map" menu). :)

    Your original menu will stay intact.

  3. Thank you, PCrumm, for the confirmation. Very good!

  4. <I'm afraid that I tend to think, still, rightly or wrongly, that there is, or was, a glitch in the WP system - or that a change in website configuration occurred without warning users - that caused this switch, rather than that my memory is faulty. (Like Dennis Miller used to say, though, I could be wrong.)>

    Your memory isn't faulty! The order in which links displayed suddenly flipped several months ago. See previous thread, started by me when the switch occurred. That thread was flagged for staff attn but no staff ever commented, though someone eventually closed the thread---I don't know why, as my question was never answered or addressed by staff in any way.

  5. Sorry, I can't figure out how to use that block quote feature!

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