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    I’m pretty new to WP and I have a question. I created a “Links” page and have added too many, to the point where it doesn’t even look nice.
    I want to know if I can make categories in my blogroll and add some of my links under each category. Example: Home Decor (the category) would click into this category and all the links show up and each link can be clicked into and bring you to that website.
    My blog is wordpress hosted, so it is the free version. I have tried looking through WP and Google and couldn’t find anything! I’m getting very frusterated.
    Can anyone please let me know if this is possible and if so, how do I do it?
    I added categories to my blogroll, but it comes up as the widget title and it’s NOT what I’m looking for. Thanks in Advance!
    My site is

    The blog I need help with is



    All blogs have only one Blogroll located in the Admin area where you enter all links and assign each link to one or more Categories.

    The links you enter into your Blogroll are displayed only after the Links widget is placed in your sidebar. Also note that there must be at least one link assigned to a Category before it will appear in your sidebar.

    Likewise, the Category widget must be placed in the sidebar for posts to display. And just like links when it comes to posts there must be at least one published post in a Category before the Category will be displayed in your sidebar.

    Once your Links widget and Categories widget are positioned in your sidebar, the manner in which the links you entered into your Blogroll will be displayed is alphabetically in accord with the Categories you created and assigned to those links when you entered them into your Blogroll.

    Therefore as you will have multiple Categories it may look like you have multiple Blogrolls when you view your links in your sidebar. But in truth, you only have only one Blogroll, which is displays links as separate alphabetically ordered groups, in accord with the Categories that you assigned to those links when you entered them into your Blogroll.


    Is there any kind of drop down menu for these? If I add a category called “Online Shopping”, I will have to add about 40 links under that category- it won’t look very nice. If there is a way for a dropdown menu, it will look more uniform.
    Is there a way to do this?



    I’m sorry but that feature doesn’t exist here. What you could do is manually create the links in a text widget and include a scroll bar in the widget.


    Sounds like a good idea. Thank you very much for your timely help.



    You’re welcome and best wishes with your blog. :)



    FYI – if you have the CSS upgrade, you can code the blogroll widget to do the same as the text widget. (That’s what I’ve done on my blog.)

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