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Blogroll Category Names

  1. I cannot seem to modify the "blogroll category names" that I have my links posted in. When I hit Edit Category in the backend - it says that my category has been updated, but then I check my blog, and it has not. I have tried several times, over the course of a few days, with no luck.

    I have modified the names before and had success... but not now. Can anyone offer advice?


  2. Please give us a direct link to your blog, starting with http, so we can look at it.

  3. These are the categories I see:

    * Free Style (5)
    * Grasping (8)
    * Haiku Inspired (31)
    * Pictures (19)

    Which ones SHOULD I be seeing? Sidebars are cached and can take up to an hour to update, btw, so maybe that's the issue?

  4. Oh, duh, BLOGROLL categories. Sorry, need coffee.
    This is what I see.
    Meditation Centres

    * Dharma Fellowship
    * Disposable Poetry

    Poetry Blogs

    * Disposable Poetry
    * Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche
    * My Poetry Blog
    * Watermark: A poets notebook

    What should I see instead?

  5. I want to change the category Poetry Blogs to just Poetry.

  6. Make a new blogroll category called "poetry," and then reassign the links to that category.

  7. I had thought of doing it that way but wanted to see if it was a bug that other people were experiencing as well. Either way, my problem fixed. Thank you for your time :)

  8. Hello I just started a blog and i am too having difficulties getting the blogroll catergory appearing on my site. I can see it on the backend but it is not going through.


  9. Under presentation > widgets drag the links widget from the area at the bottom up and into the sidebar box and click save.

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