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Blogroll configurations

  1. Does anyone know how to configure the blogroll so it will open each new link in a separate window so the viewer will not completely leave the original site? This would enable both sites to show in two separate windows at the same time.

  2. Yes URL's in your blogroll can be changed to open up links in a new window.
    Blogroll -> Add Link and look for "Target"
    Please be warned that this is not considered to be a "good" thing to do. It's bad net-etiquette. It's cheeky indeed for you to determine to take control over your readers' browsers. When this happens to me on any site I never return to it again.

  3. I think it depends on how its used. I dont use it on my blogroll, but if i have links in a post then i prefer to have them open in a new window. That way they can read what i have to say about the link, aswell as read the link and then comment with ease

  4. Hi guys can anyone help?

    On my current page for some reason I have to scroll right to the bottom of my page to find my blogroll, but when I vist previous pages the blogroll is where it should be, at the top!

  5. The image in this post is too wide. The sidebar is being forced down because if it and any others too wide for teh content area.

  6. Thanks drmike, I'll sort that right away :-)

  7. Not a problem. :)

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