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blogroll -dashboard drop-down won't let me "add to blogroll" WP blogs

  1. Hi all,

    Hoping you wise people can help. I've been playing with the tag surfer and blog surfer features and finding great stuff. However, while I used to be able to link right from a found blog and "add to blogroll" from the dashboard (drop-down menu on the right of the screen, under "blog info") now that menu only asks if I want to subscribe or "remove from blogroll" but... it's not ON my blogroll to be removed.

    I'm using firefox on Windows (I have a mac too and haven't tried that there yet).

    Obviously I CAN do this manually but... I'd prefer not to. I really liked the old feature


  2. oops, guess it's kind of resolved. clicking on "remove from blogroll" does in fact ADD it to my blogroll. Still I think this is a minor glitch that could cause confusion... thanks. LOVE wordpress and am learning new and exciting things about it every day

  3. That is a weird glitch. For the 1-click Add to blogroll button when you're at someone else's blog, you'll find it in the blog info tab on your navigation bar.

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