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blogroll gone!

  1. hello, I'm unable to get my links page up while my RSS pages are up. It's one or the other. I'm just seting up my blog page so I'm not sure if it's on my end, i see other folks having this problem. please help thanks

  2. On your blog, I see these widgets:


    Have you tried force reloading/refreshing the page when you are viewing your blog?

    Also, try logging out, clearing your browser cache and cookies, restarting your browser and try again.

  3. Hello and thanks for helping. Yes my blogroll widget is working, but how can I also get the RSS feed to work on the sidebar. Thanks

  4. The RSS feeds for comments and entries on the theme you have chosen Kubrick are found in the footer and not in the sidebar If you wish to offer subscriptions by email here are the instructions

  5. again thank you for your reply and your help. How do I get an RSS feed from a website? For instance I would like to get RSS feeds from how do I set that up, and would that feed be in my sidebar. When I try to set up the feed with my widget I get either my blogroll or the RSS feed but not both. thank you.

  6. You need to find the feed link for that site, and paste it into your RSS widget. Your blogroll should be a completely different thing altogether.

  7. Hello. Yes I pasted the RSS feed into the RSS widget. When I save the changes the RSS feed shows up on the blog page, but not the blogroll, it's one or the other. so i'm still confused. I have the RSS feed up now, So how do I get my blogrool back on the blog page? thank you

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