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Blogroll has disappeared from blog and widgets

  1. My blogroll disappeared from my blog. When I checked the widgets, the blogroll widget had disappeared as well. Is this a bug or is there something I can do to correct it?

  2. There are widespread problems being worked on by staff right now. Perhaps these problems are effecting your blogs.

  3. Okay. Thanks Timethief.

  4. Me too. Not as bad as it could be.

  5. I'm having the same problem:

  6. me too, glad I am not the only one, so it's nothing I did wrong.
    I can go to sleep now and hope the problems will be solved in the morning!

  7. me too! hopefully someone is fixing it ;)

  8. jasperblogwordpresscom

    Count me in amongst those missing a blogroll. "Categories" were missing ealier today, and the Powers That Be at WP got it repaired, so I trust they'll take care of this situation as well.

  9. still a problem for me too. also relieved it's not just me freaking out, thinking I messed up when it was the Man.

  10. @robvato
    You didn't post a link to your blog. Maybe you should do so in case staff need it. :)

  11. I've had problems too with the blogroll and some categories are missing... I hope you bring a solution soon.

  12. There are widespread problems today (categories, images, headers, etc.) and staff are working on fixing them. It's possible your blog has been impacted by them. Please be patient while staff work to rectify the situation. :)

  13. My blogroll disappeared too.

  14. My entire Blogroll -- more than 50 community members, is MIA.

    It shows up when I log-in and check to see if it's still there, but it's missing from my blog face.

    Will we have to wait until Monday to get assistance from support?

  15. Same here, thought it was something I did since I recently switched templates.

  16. Same here.

  17. most of my links, widgets blodroll and other features are missing also.

  18. @njhamilton
    It may be wise to post a link to your blog in case staff need it.

  19. I got the same problem!

  20. prettymuchamazing

  21. @babylionians
    I just answered you in another thread. Please don't do this back and forth stuff as it makes more work for us volunteers.
    P.S. Don't forget to post a link to your blog.

  22. Looks like it's happening to all of us. Good to know it's an overall error on WP's part instead of something we did somehow. Hopefully it's patched up soon.

    I just came on the forum to ask about it and delved into this topic.

  23. my blogroll is gone too..

  24. my blogroll is gone.

  25. My categories and blogroll are gone. But that is all as far as I can tell.

    Here's a link to my blog, WordPress:

  26. Blogroll MIA

  27. theplaidnightmare

    my main links have gone missing and so is some of my tags in the tag cloud. and the categories aren't showing up on the posts.

  28. Me, too.

    My widget is there, when I look at "presentation" from my dashboard. It's just not showing up in my sidebar.

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