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    Hi, I’m trying to change the sort order for my blogroll links, from “Name” to “Link ID,” but even though I click on the “Update” button, when I go to my blog, the links are still in alphabetical order.

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    The blog linked to your name is not a blog and we only provide support for those with blogs that are free hosted y

    If you are a self hosting blogger who has downloaded software from then you are in the wrong forum. We operate on different software and cannot help you. The correct forum is



    Hi, I’m having a similar problem – I have applied ratings to the Blogroll links and I’ve tried to change the sort order from Name to Rating. It appears to take, and the change is reflected in that the link order is changed in Manage Blogroll, but when I go to view site, it has had no effect and when I return to Manage Blogroll, I see that it has reverted to Name. I have tried this several times on this blog and all the related ones. As far as I know, these blogs are blogs, as I have not downloaded any software!


    I have the same issue- please help



    I have the same problem. I hope somebody can comment on this.
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    The issue is still there- it appears that it is impossible to change the order of links in your blogroll- although I might resort to adding an index to the names (1. 2. 3. so on)

    Please, there has to be a less manual or ugly solution to this.



    I’m not sure, but might it have something to do with your browser? I’m just beginning to tinker with my blogroll, but I do know that a lot of issues I had with the audio player links and other links and edits were due to the MSN Explorer browser I was using. I now use 3 different browsers, and I find that doesn’t treat them all equally. Just a guess.



    Here are quite a few threads with various ways around this.



    I would like to put some blogs in my blogroll.
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    You would be.


    Brilliant, ‘coaster!


    Thanks for linking the forum search Raincoaster! Unfortunately, the only results that came up were this same question being asked years ago. The answer I have found is to categorize your blogroll, however the link order inside each category will still be alphabetical. Also, apparently the link rank function may be browser or theme dependent. Since this is, not .org, I can’t manually change the code of my blog. The links “widget” does not have an editable options page, and the links page is not working they way it claims to.

    This issue has not been addressed- why does the links section not allow you to use the link rank to order your blogroll? The UI is built to lead us to believe it does this.

    This is a bug- some sort of confirmation that it’s known and being worked on would be nice.

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