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blogroll- links doing strange thing

  1. So, i have two blogroll links to different sites, however, when you click on either one of those links, it goes to the site and everything, but if you look up in the address bar, the link still says instead of its actual link- like one is to a forum so the real link is blah blah, but it just says so although its working, how do i get the link to, as it is now, go to the site, but also show that link in the address bar?


  2. can you give the url you want to put in your blogroll? your explanation was a tad confusing...

  3. sorry, ok, my blog is
    One of the links in my blogroll is supposed to go to:

    And if you click on it, it does, but in the address bar it still says, and when using internet explorer, if you try to log in, because the address bar is, it doesn't log you in, it basically thinks that you are starting at that original page. Because, when you log in, you should not be at "" anymore, you should be at a different page.

    Basically i need the link in blogroll to actually go there, really if i could just get the link to open in a new window automatically, it would fix the problem.

  4. hmm, you're right, the address bar still says after clicking on the link in your blog. when i right click it to open in a new tab, however, it has the proper url (i'm using firefox).

    to get that link to open up a new window automatically, edit the link in blogroll - at the sidebar, look for 'target', open it up, select '_blank'.

    take note though that it's considered bad blogging etiquette by some to force a new window popping up on their computer, though in your case perhaps it's quite justified...

  5. yea it will be ok in this situation-- yea i saw that "target" thing but had no idea what it was.

    Thanks for the help.

  6. no problem. =)

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