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Blogroll links don't showed !

  1. Probably i'm in error...

    but i think that if I insert some link in 'blogroll' section, and then add the 'links' widget to sidebar, this widget will shows then link i inserted in blogroll.

    but not there are some links in blogroll, the links widget is on the left sidebar... but link dosen't appear !

    why ?

    (sorry for my english..)

  2. Don't forget that you'll need to put your links into categories. If you don't then they won't appear in the links widget.


  3. Yes cornell is right. Add a category named Links and move your links to this category.
    Even I think this is odd, but that's the way it is.

  4. yes. i added a category, put the link in cateogry and.. all ok !

    thanx !

    now it's ok !

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