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    I’m working with one of my blogs: . Right now, I have two categories being used. However, the links are all showing up as one list instead of separated by Category like my older blog is. The “steffiliew” link is categorized as “Neopians” and the rest are under “My Links”.

    Does anyone know why they are merged like that?


    Merging normally occurs when you delete a link category: then the links assigned to it are transferred to the default link category. Are you sure that in Manage>LinkCategories you’ve got both of the categories you mention (none of the two appear in your sidebar), and that in Manage>Links you’ve got each link assigned as you say?


    All of my links under Manage -> Links show the correct categories and are set to visible. Under Manage -> Categories, they weren’t visible. So, I created a post and backdated it just so the categories would appear there. They now are in the Categories list and show one post associated to each. However, my blogroll is still merged.


    You have confused (Post) Categories with LINK Categories.


    I was just going by what others were saying regarding Blogroll category problems in various threads I found in a search. The “Link Categories” section shows both categories with 9 links for “My Links” and 1 link for “Neopians”.


    I just tried the Blix theme on my test blog, and it does not display links grouped by link category. I’m surprised since I though all themes grouped them by link category.

    I would contact support and see if they will change Blix so that it does.

    If they won’t, then your choices are to live with it, change to another theme, or build your own Links widget using a text widget and code it all by hand.


    Dang. I figured it had something to do with Blix. And the color scheme is so pleasing. *sigh*


    Contact staff. Since every other theme here seems to separate them, I expect they will change it.


    thesacredpath got me: I was going to report the same thing.

    If you prefer to stick to this theme, you can delete the Links widget and replace it with two Text widgets (if you need help with that, let us know).


    I’ll probably go with text widgets until such time that the Blogroll behaves as the other themes.

    Thanks for the offer, panaghiotisadam, but I can manage. I’m a software developer. :-)


    I mailed support and this is the reply:

    Unfortunately, the Blix theme uses its own widgets; all others use shared widgets, which is why they behave in a similar fashion.

    Automattic |


    Very well then!


    (My “very well” refers to YOUR reply, of course, not to Anthony’s.)

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