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    hi! i created a few bookmarks but its not showing up on my blog. i tried using other templates thinking that its a template issue but its not. i know there’s a way of fixing the php code but since the site is hosted here at wordpress for free, i cant access it (or can i?). i tried other templates to no avail. i went to my sidebar widget page and make sure that the links is added to the sidebar. one thing i noticed is that the “links” doesnt have the little icon with the blue bar on the top like the other widgets. did i do anything wrong? my blog is



    Your links are not in any categories so they won’t show.
    Create the category you want them in, assign them to that and all should be good.



    thanks podz. i think that fixed it. i created “links” category for the links. one thing i noticed though is that “links” shows up as “blog roll” on other templates. but that’s a minor prob i guess. thx.



    i had a similar problem. but by your guidance i could solve it. tnx


    i just switched themes to andreas09 and my blogroll links are not showing up. Each link is assigned a category – i’ve logged out and back in – cleared my cache – removed the links widget (saved) then re-added links widget (and saved) but still no links showing on my sidebar.

    Does andreas09 no allow the blogroll links to show?

    Thank you

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