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Blogroll links showing (but I don't want them to)

  1. I have several links that I don't want showing in my blogroll but I want to keep them for other uses. I used to be able to set the "visible" to NO and they wouldn't show up. Now they are all showing. I tried removing them from a category - still showing.

    Anybody have any ideas on this?

  2. This is a recently reported bug that we are working in correcting.

  3. Thanks! I thought it was just me.

  4. That's a way cool feature. I feel so out of the loop for not knowing about it.

  5. I too faced the issue and send a feedback. Got a prompt reply from Podz that they are looking into the same. Thought is was some think to do with my account only , since there were not many complaining abt the same.
    Now I know, I am not alone :)


  6. Thank you for your patience. I have now resolved this issue.

  7. Can I ask a really stupid question?

    Why would that feature be used, I don't get what the benefit would be...

    I know I am having a O'der moment.

  8. Tx for fixing it. Its fine now.

    @livingJournal no particular reason, sometime I add blog roll entries to display images in my sidebar, This option helps to turn on and off stuffs when required.
    Like for example I had a flickr link and when I got a separate Flickr widget , I just made it NOT Visible. that was tomorrow if I remove the Flickr Widget or decide other wide , I can turn it back again with a single option (as opposed to have it created it all from the scratch)
    Not a big deal , but helps u when ur lazy (and want to manage many links like this !!!)


  9. Oh ok... that makes sense!



  10. Or, you could use your hidden blogroll as your del.ici.ous (or however you spell that) page, so all you have to do is sign in from wherever in the world you are and POOF! All your favorites are there. I did that recently when I was travelling. Making some invisible means that your blog page doesn't need to be a hundred miles long just to keep up with the blogroll.

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