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    For months now, akismet has been putting comments from members of my blogroll into akismet with all the other spam. They actually have good comments and it’s unfair that they should get sent to the spam folder. What is up with that? I de-spam them every time, but akismet is just not getting it.

    I forgot how to access the page where I specify what is spam and what isn’t.



    Blogroll has nothing to do with Akismet just for reference. It’s seperate software.

    Without seeing the comments, there’s little that we can help with. Best bet would be to submit a feedback with specifics as to what comments are being caught. Each comment has a URL attached to it. That’s what staff needs to see.

    Please also not that even if you’re getting comments that are proper, the rest of us may be getting hundreds if not thousands that are spam from the same network. (UMASS anyone else lately? *grumble*)



    I am getting exactly the same problem except it is my comments that end up there. I am doing it from different IP addresses and Akismet just will not learn that I am safe. What is going wrong?



    If you search teh forums you’ll see that this is a recurring problem for some people. If your IP comes from a block from which we get a lot of spam, you may well be spammed. If you post links, it ups the chances of getting put in spam. The solution is to comment on your own blog and then go in and de-spam yourself under Akismet Spam.

    This seems to happen every time we get a wave of spam getting through; they tighten the controls and sometimes legit people get put into spam. You can teach it not to spam you, though, if you un-spam yourself.

    And for your friends who are getting put into spam, you can retrieve their comments now that we have a Search box for the Akismet spam page. Type their name into the search box and if they’ve made any comments that got put into spam they should show up and you can de-spam them without having to sift through all the spam.


    A friend of mine has every one of his comments show up in the Spam folder. I always de-spam it, thinking that WordPress will learn and not put him in the Spam folder anymore. No dice…every comment he makes STILL shows up as spam, regardless of how many times I de-spam him. HELP!



    He needs to STOP COMMENTING.

    When you continuously comment and Akismet thinks you’re spam, it keeps sending you to spam and every time it does that it counts as Yes, Confirmed, That Is Spam.

    If he has a blog, he can comment on his own blog, de-spam himself after each comment, and Akismet will learn that way. He should NOT do a whole whack of comments and then un-spam them. One at a time. Then, eventually he will make a comment that shows up immediately on his own blog. That means Akismet has learned and he can now go comment on other people’s blogs without getting put in spam.


    First of all, he doesn’t “continuously” comment. He averages a comment or two a day.

    Secondly, he doesn’t have a WP blog. He’s on Blogger.

    Third, I always de-spam his comments, and I would have thought Akismet would learn from that, especially since it’s the same IP, e-mail, and user ID every time.



    How’s that working for you?


    It’s not, raincoaster.



    I have had trouble for months with regular commenters sent to Moderation (when they should not be) and to Spam.

    My own blog sends me to Spam about 20% of the time. Roughly 30% of the comments to my blog are misdirected to either moderation or spam.

    Constantly retrieving them does not result in a “learning”.



    Try what I suggested. One comment, one un-spam. One comment, one un-spam. If that doesn’t result in a change within one day, send a Support ticket to staff which includes the url of the post the comments were made on and the ID of the comment itself if it shows in spam.



    My response comments are always in the spam folder. It’s annoying as hell. Is there nothing I can do about it?



    Please read what raincoaster said above your post and then act on it.



    I’m having the same problem – my own comments on my own blog go straight to the spam dustbin. I have patiently, day after day unspammed one comment a day – to no avail. I have asked friends to unspam me too – to no avail. This really does need sorting.

    Since blogging is very much an interactive sport it spoils the fun when you cannot communicate on other’s sites.



    j9marshall: contact support when it’s open.



    Please send me every detail. You cannot tell me too much, but telling me too little will delay everything.



    I just want to give a gigantic shout out to whomever did what which resulted in my own comments no longer going into the spam queue! A while ago I had a troll infestation in which commenters commented under my screen name using my e-mail address! I spammed their comments which meant my own comments then went to spam. Akismet didn’t seem to learn– this went on for months.

    Today, for the first time, I can comment as usual and my comments show up, no visits to the spam queue necessary to unspam my own comments!

    So thanks!

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