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blogroll order

  1. How do I keep my blogroll links in order? It seems they want to alphabetize, and I want them in a different order.

  2. Go to Dashboard-->Blogroll-->Manage Blogroll
    You'll see "Currently showing [All] links ordered [by Name.]
    Change By Name to something else, and click Update.

  3. Thanks, but that seems to put them in the correct order in my dashboard, but they still remain alphabetized on my blog. I tried switching it to "bookmark id" and to "address" and clicking the "Update" button. Maybe it's because I put the links into separate categories. Do I need to assign a bookmark ID? What is a bookmark ID anyway? Or should I just put it all in text widgets?

  4. If you have alot of links in your blogroll, maybe setting them up as clickable links on a text widget might work if you want them in a different order. But if you use a text widget and then want to add more links later, make sure to cut and save all the code before closing the text widget just in case it doesn't go through the first time and not show on your main page.

  5. Thanks, nosy, it looks like text widget is the way to go.

  6. Eeep. Sorry. I thought I remembered that was the way I had done it on mine...

  7. You can try to give them ratings under the Advanced tab when you edit a link but it appears that the theme is creating the alphabetical list itself.

  8. Thanks, something makes it alphabetize anyway. I put them in a text widget and all's well.

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