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Blogroll? What is that?

  1. Please could someone explain what blogroll is and how to use it?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hello there,
    This information is found in the support documentation along with the "how-to" instructions for creating a blogroll and using the Links widget to display it.

    A blogroll is essentially just a list of links that appears in your sidebar. The term “blogroll” was originally used because it was a list of links to other blogs, but you can include links to any sites.

    Read also > learn tutorial

  3. thank you very much. Can I add any website to my blogroll or do I need permission, for example adding BBC news or an article from a highly known website to my blogroll sidebar link thing?

  4. You do not need permission to link to any site found on the internet in your blogroll. The most sensible choices are to link to sites that are directly related to the content in your blog, as in essence, by creating a Blogroll you are recommending those sites to your readers as sources of directly related reliable information sources.

  5. Ok, thanks again your wealth of knowledge is immense!
    So best bet is to link to other wordpress blogs with related posts :)

  6. So best bet is to link to other wordpress blogs with related posts :)

    No. The best way to proceed is to link to the blogs with the highest authority in the niche you blog in as those are the blogs that influence you and all others in the same niche. It's a big mistake to link only to blogs and to shun other blogs that have higher authority in your niche. The purpose of your Blogroll is to point your readers to the most relevant and authoritative blogs in the niche.

  7. ahh ok I get it now- thanks for the help

  8. You're welcome and best wishes for effective blogging. :)

  9. themidlifesecondwife

    Is it possible to change the name "Blogroll" to something else of our choosing, or is it an untouchable default?

  10. @themidlifesecondwife: I believe the widget will be called whatever the selected links category is called.

    How to manage link categories:

  11. I've looked at the Support material about creating and editing a Blogroll, but I can't find something specific about it. Is there a way to import all of the WordPress blogs I'm following into a blogroll.

    I'm following quite a few Wordpess blogs, and I dread having to enter each one into my blogroll. I don't have an existing blogroll to import, just the "Blogs I Follow." Any help is appreciated.

  12. Is there a way to import all of the WordPress blogs I'm following into a blogroll.

    No I'm sorry but there is no way to import a subscriber's list at this time. You can enable blog subscriptions for your readers by following these instructions >
    see also > Your subscribers can choose how frequently they wish to receive updates of your blog posts.

  13. themidlifesecondwife

    @airodyssey: Thanks very much! I actually stumbled around and found that "Blogroll" can indeed be edited to anything you want. I really appreciate your help.

  14. how do u add a blog to your blogroll? for example i made a blogroll and don`t know how to add to it:(

  15. Please read the beginning of this thread. Timethief has provided links to the information you need to use your blogroll:

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