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    How can I make a Blogroll widget in my sidebar using Google reader? I mean how can I make a list of my favorite blogs that i read in my Google reader and have it in my sidebar as a linkdump for my blogroll?

    The blog I need help with is



    Just add them in manually on your Links page. You will be forced to actually visit the blogs in question in order to get the correct URLs.



    I didn’t get the picture? can you go more into the details?



    Go to your Dashboard: on the left, there’s a sidebar and in it is your Links page. Go there and add in the actual URL of each blog you follow. Not the feed URL, the actual blog URL.



    this is what is usual for every blog , I want what tophostinginfo says.
    That’s what I want. How can I do it?


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    We can not use any plug-ins on so even if there are plug-ins somewhere to do this they won’t work here.

    As raincoaster said, you have to do it manually.


    @underomedia, what you are talking about is not “usual” for every blog. If you need this functionality, then you are either going to have to self-host a blog using the software from wordpress.ORG along with some sort of plugin, or perhaps find a different free service that does offer something like that. Since Google owns blogspot, then perhaps they offer something.

    If you self-host, figure an average monthly cost (including domain registration and hosting) of about $10 to $25 per month depending on bandwidth and storage space requirements.

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