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Blogroll with last updated timestamp?

  1. Over at Blogger, on their Blogroll equivalent, they can add timestamps and sorting so you can see at a glance which blogs have been updated recentle (example is here: , halfway down right hand side)

    This is a great feature, does WP have anything like this? I have looked but can't seem to find an option... can someone shed some light on whether this actually exists?

    Thanks in advance!

  2. Actually, I don't think that's a Blogger feature, but rather the blogroll from Blogrolling, which is a third party app that uses Javascript, so that's not going to work on WordPress.COM for security reasons. You could try the RSS feed from your blogrolling account in an RSS widget in your WordPress.COM sidebar instead of the default WP blogroll.

    You know, it's been so long since I looked in on blogger, that I just want to pop over there and check that what I've just said holds water...

  3. It's as I thought. That's the blogrolling app you're seeing. Even in blogger's help files it says to sign up for a blogrolling account. LOL (I won't post the link here, but search blogger's help file for "Promoting Your Blog". It's towards the bottom of the page.)

    Here on WordPress.COM, you can create a blogroll of links (with categories!) right in your Dashboard. You can also import the OPML file that Blogrolling generates or you can use the Blogrolling RSS feed in an RSS widget.

  4. Thanks Jennifer, I'll look into it now :)

  5. wigwam2theorem


    Actually that gadget/widget is available from within Blogger. You don't need to sign up with Blogrolling.

  6. @wigwam2theorem-maybe with the new template? I searched the blogger help files and couldn't find any mention of it appearing natively. Thanks though for the heads up.

    Regardless, since that function uses javascript to timestamp and update the links, it won't work here on WordPress.COM Am going to have put the Blogrolling feed in an RSS widget and see what that does...

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