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    Just wondering if I’m maybe missing where this shows as I’ve a vague notion I did spot it once, but now can’t find it. If another blog puts yours on their Blogroll, does it show up in your links/stats somewhere?? I’m keen to discover how many visitors have found enough interest to add me on to their Blogroll.

    Thanks for the BEST blogging service on the net!!



    Dashboard -> Blog Stats -> Bottom of the page under Incoming Links. Staff moved it so you may have remembered it elsewhere.

    Gotta admit that I just go to my favoriate search engine and type in link:yourURL myself to see the complete list.

    Hope this helps,



    I don’t think it shows up on incoming links until someone clicks through, but I’m not 100% sure of that. So, every time I see a link to myself I click that puppy!

    I also click all links in my own posts, so that others get the juice. Can anyone clarify whether this is useful or not?



    Hmm – maybe wrong in this, but my incoming links only shows 1 where I’m fairly sure I’ve at least 2 other blogs that have my link on theirs, but as I didn’t take note of them at the time, can’t stand on it, although even search engines aren’t showing them so perhaps the authors removed the links.

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