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    My blogroll wasn’t showing up, so I decided to try to re-work some things and change the category they were linked to, and when I tried to delete my “Default Category,” it does not give me that option under “Manage” –> “Categories.” It only gives me the option to “Edit” it. Please help. My goal is to get my blogroll to show up in a sidebar category called “Family and Friends.”



    What do you see when you go to Edit? That should allow you to edit the category it’s in. Just delete the one you don’t want it in and add on the one you do. You can have more than one, but then each will show up in more than one place.



    Blogroll is the default category, but you don’t have to use it. In Manage Categories add a new sub-category (with “Blogroll” as the Parent Category) called “Family and Friends” and then edit each link in your Blogroll so that “Family and Friends” is checked and “Blogroll” is unchecked. I’ve done this on my own blog if you need to see an example.

    If your Blogroll isn’t showing up at all, make sure it’s enabled under Presentation/Widgets. (I’d check to make sure right now but it seems I’m having Net connection problems at the moment.)



    Had to disconnect so I can’t edit my previous post. Sorry for another reply.

    Blogroll shows up in Presentation/Widgets as “Links”. If “Links” doesn’t appear in the Sidebar Arrangement on that page, it won’t show up on your blog. You’ll need to drag the “Links” button from the Available Widgets buttons at the bottom of the Widgets page onto the Sidebar and then save changes.

    It’s been so long since I set up my blog that I don’t remember if “Links” was already in the Sidebar Arrangement when I first started messing with the Widgets page, so if this isn’t correct, my apologies in advance.

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