Blogrolls and The Truth Laid Bear not working, any ideas how to fix this in my b

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    I believe that I installed the code for blogrolling and The Truth Laid Bear correctly, but they do not seem to be working. SiteMeter was installed the same way and it seems to work properly. Please help.

    Also I have been working for a week trying to get my posts/comments/trackbacks imported from my other blog, but I keep getting an error message “insufficient content”, which is crazy because I have one year of posts to import. I have read the FAQ, talked to folks in the forum and no help so far. Please help. I think I am going to like very much, but I’ve got to get the blogrolls and TTLB working before I can properly go public.



    Adding a link to your blogroll step by step walk through

    -> dashboard -> blogroll -> add link ->
    fill in the name, fill in the url and assign a category (no link will become visible in the sidebar unless and until you assign a category), then click -> “add link” button

    Truth Laid Bear
    I typed this heading into the forum search box and found this thread

    You must use the code that is *NOT* in javascript. Put it into a text widget and it will desplay in your sidebar.



    Truth Laid Bear has been discussed before as TT mentions. They will only support a Javascript form of their display and having users put in their own Javascripts is a security risk.

    I poltely point out that it’s always best to provide a link to what you are discussing. Not everybody always knows what you are asking for. If I remember correctly, there are 3 Truth Laid Bear programs on the net currently. I remember something like that the last time we discussed this.



    TTLB mentions two ways of putting a link on your site. The JavaScript way is the one that automatically shows your status (Flappy Bird, Playful Primates, etc). The other method provides a link to your status, but doens’t actually show your status on your blog.

    The thing is, TTLB’s instructions are incorrect.

    Since won’t allow JavaScript added to sidebar or widgets, you’d have to use the non-JavaScript way (which won’t show your current status: Multicellular Microorganism, Mortal Human, etc).

    Anyway, here’s how to add the (non-JavaScript version) link:

    Go to TTLB and log in to your account.

    Click on “My Blogs”

    Click on “details” … and keep that window open.

    Log on to your account.

    From the Dashboard, click “Blogroll” then “Add Link”

    Remember that window I said keep open? Copy the URL.

    From the “Add Link” page of, paste the URL in the “Address” field.

    In the name field, put something useful (perhaps “My TTLB Ecosystem Details”, or your actual latest status, or something really clever like “I’m an Alien Life Form in the TTLB Ecosystem”)

    Save it (“Add Link” button) and you’re done.

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