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Blogrolls/Bookmarks/Links don't appear on the sidebar

  1. I have added some new links in the bookmarks portion, but when i try to view my site, the links are empty. It was supposed to be a list of blogrolls, and when I edited the two default wordpress links, i can no longer view the blogrolls in the sidebar. Please help.

  2. I have a similar problem.. no blogroll in the sidebar after working with the widgets.

  3. I had the same problem, and it turned out to be I hadn't put them in any categories. Could this be the same problem?

  4. I've just confirmed that both of your themes do work with the link widget. I do note that you do have to go into Dashboard -> Presentation -> Sidebar Widgets control and click again on the "Save changes" button for the widgets to work even if the widgets were already in place though. (ie you have to save them again even if you haven't made any changes)

    Hope this helps,

  5. No dice, Mike.. it didn't work.. I only have the link widget (and pressed "saved changes".. and still no blogroll. Is there some setting somewhere else that disables it, that I might have inadvertedly pressed?

  6. Thanks DannyTupper!

    Bookmark/Manage Bookmarks/Add Bookmarks and had to create a Blogroll category in order for it to show. I've since went to the default setting with the widgets, and the Blogroll stuck.

    I believe this is a workaround.. can uncategorized sidebar links appear under a Blogroll heading?

    There might be a bug here.

    I recommend consistant terminology instead of having to say Blogroll/Bookmarks/Links.. but I guess this is a issue. I prefer blogroll since its blog terminology, and confusion may occur when using the other two which are often used in other contexts.

  7. Thanks hrmnk, it works a treat, edit the bookmark and give it a catergory, simple when you know how!

  8. "can uncategorized sidebar links appear under a Blogroll heading?"

    I don't think so, but you could create a "blogroll" category if you want. This means you're in control of the name (you can call it "Links" if you want) rather than the old "Blogroll" :)

  9. I'm having a similar problem with my blog - but the strange thing is that when I go into edit my bookmarks, they've already all had the 'Links' catagory saved...but when I go to the 'manage bookmarks' site, none of them have a catagory listed, and they're not appearing on the front end ( Anyone got any answers for what I might have done wrong?

    And yes, I've tried deleting and re-adding the links catagory, deleting and re-adding bookmark entries with the 'links' catagory saved, just editing and saving, and I'm at a complete and utter loss.

  10. Mine wouldn't show up at first either. I don't recall actually *doing* anything to make then show up, the blogroll just appeared after a few days.

  11. insanitythe - I think a bug has crept in somehow. You are not the only one. I've passed it on to the coders.

  12. insanitytheory,

    I was having the same problem, the blogroll just wasn't showing up. I changed the theme and bingo I got the blogroll!

  13. falsereality,

    Have also tried that a few times, but no joy :(

  14. Please read Podz post. :)

  15. Hello all!

    I have followed podz instructions, and it did work! Check all the links in your bookmarks sections. You should assign a category to each bookmark link, else your bookmarks will not appear on the sidebar. Go to Bookmars > Manage Bookmarks, create the categories for each sort of bookmark. Edit each bookmark to add it to a category. After saving the changes, check your blogsite. Voila! All your bookmark links are already there in your sidebar!


  16. Is there any bugzilla or something similar where I can follow what is going on now?

    At the moment the listed workarounds do not work for me so I'm stuck in a way...


  17. liquidat - the link you have is not in a category.
    Create a category and assign the link to that category. If the category cannot be created or does not 'stick' to the link, use Feedback and I'll get that sorted for you.

  18. Thanks, I will do that.

  19. In case anyone else has an issue such as this, we have a pair of instructions to follow:

    - A checklist to double check your settings.

    - If that still doesn't cover the issue, Podz says to send in a Feedback as it maybe a backend issue.

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