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  1. Come and check out my blogs and mon them.I am looking for friends.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I'm never tempted to simply click into blogs when the blogger has made no attempt to promote them. What is your blog about please?

  3. My blog is just about me and what I do for fun

  4. Today on my blog: Reaction to the Harry Potter final installment!

    Comment and tell me who your favorite character is at

  5. @mwalbridge: There is a specific thread called "What did you post in your blog today"

    @nsyncpowerup: It would be helpful to tell people what you do for fun, thus making them click on your blog if they like the same things. Until then I have to agree with TT.

    I am a teen blogger who blogs in the hope of becoming a writer.Aimed at teens but all welcome!Okay this bit this is sad,no subscribers,no friends,no views.Please :)

  7. @nsyncpowerup
    I've just been to your blog to have a look, I was going to comment but you have them switched off ;)

  8. @changeoursociety
    I'm very very old, but think your blog is very cute, I also subscribed, I hope you don't mind lol ;)

  9. ... I'mma just take this opportunity to shamelessly promote my own blog too... though there's not much to see at the moment :D The Insanity Aquarium: an attempt at fusing together the reality that is before me, and the exaggeration that takes over my brain. Huzzah!

  10. now you can check out my page and comment on my blogs

  11. crickethighlightswatch

    Also check out my blogs

  12. You know, it's easy to see that some people are better at marketing than others.

  13. <Incoming News> Today on the blog: President Obama comes through our area right next to my house. On ties to a small town we cover his visit on this rare occassion. That's at

  14. It's about being a Writer, the Written Word and all things Writing related

  15. Don't get me wrong! Summer is still here. But thinking back to school isn't completely out of the question. Today on "Ties to a Small Town" school is just a few weeks away. I discuss some "Back to School" topics on today's post @

    Do you enjoy back to school shopping? Do have any tips? Share them in a comment!

  16. I have not any blog yet but i am working on the wordpress blogs

  17. I have really no blogs how to Get a fre blog on wordpress pls tell me

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  19. is no longer available.

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