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    I have access to two blogs, one is my own and another one is with a group of friends.

    Twice, my blog has magically replaced the other one. It changes to my theme, but keeps the other one’s posts. Last time I just changed the theme back, changed the name back, and everything was pretty much back in order.

    This time, all the page links: “about”, “home”, “photography”, don’t link to the blog’s pages but back to my personal blog. If you hit “comments” it also links back to my blog.

    How did this mix up happen, and how do I get it back to normal?

    I didn’t change any settings or anything. I thought maybe I was just switching back and forth between the dashboards too often and something got mixed up.



    I’m really hoping to get this fixed soon since my friends don’t like that I’ve somehow messed up their page, so I’m posting again with links. now directs most pages/links to my personal website at

    Why and how is it doing this? How do I fix it? I’ve tried changing themes back and forth, they’ve tried kicking me from the administration, I’ve tried messing with settings, and so far nothing has fixed it.



    Best bet would be to send in an email (I wouldn’t trust feedback on this one) to support at this domain giving details. We don’t have backend access here in the forums.

    Oh, and it’s nothing that you did. You don’t have access to the theme files.



    It is fixed.

    Not sure if someone went and fixed something on wordpress’ side, or if the other blog’s post refreshed the settings.

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