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Blogs appearing without themes

  1. I have three blogs at wordpress. When I type say, it comes without its regular theme and looks strange without the regular formats which are called themes or presentation in wordpress. When I type, on the address bar of internet explorer, (without the www) and it also comes without the regular format and looks funny. This has happened three times in the recent times but unlike in the past, it is not correcting currently. I have had the blogs for a couple of years but never faced such a problem. Can anyone please tell me what is wrong and suggest some solution. Thanks in advance.

  2. I forgot to add that it also takes longer than usual to login

  3. You blog looks mostly fine aside from the huge font on the header (FF2, Fedora 7)

    What browser and OS are you using? If using IE, try Firefox. If using Firefox try IE or Opera.

  4. Thanks. It is working fine right now but I don't know why this problem happens in the first place?

  5. Now again the same problem has reoccured and I don't know how time it will take before it rectifies itself. This has never happened in the last two years. Could someone be doing mischief?

  6. The blog linked to your name and the one 'mypyp' look fine in IE7, although in mypyp you need to go into Options>General and remove "just another WordPress weblog". The blog title is so long it's pushing that down to where it's barely visible.

    You don't need the www and, in fact, ought not to use it.

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