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    My own blog and others, are showing up without theme. I have cleared all chache and history in both Firefox and IE. It also takes so much longer than usual to navigate between blogs, daschboard etc. Usually wordpress loads immediately.

    Is there anyone else expierence this problem? I have tried to clear cache, cookies etc and reloading over and over again. No results.


    I have also had problems publishing posts via Windows Live Writer. The blogtool couldnt read necesarry info from my pages.


    I dont have any adblockplus installed



    What happens if you click on this link? –

    Is there an error message? You should see about 10 lines of CSS code.


    Both Firefox and IE shows a 404 page.

    I tried to deactivate my firewall windows firewall. It didnt work.



    Something is preventing you from reaching our CSS servers. I don’t have any way of knowing what.

    What does the 404 message look like? Is there anything other than a large black-on-white heading that says “404 – Not Found”?


    It says Website cant be displayed. In swedish – I dont know the exact words in english.
    I tried the XP network-diagnostics and it told me that I can´t reach FTP-server, but I had no problems in HTTP and HTTPS-connections. It doesn´t tell me a thing, since I´m not that clever in handling computers. I think it most be something inside my pc. The question is what?



    I can see you blog fine. A bit slow to load because of the photos, but fine



    nikeaskforster: that error message isn’t coming from our servers. And yes, your blog looks fine from here too.

    The problem might be something on your computer or at your ISP. Unfortunately there’s no way for us to know what it might be.

    There’s one other thing you could try, it might not help but is worth a shot. Close your browsers. In the Start menu click Run (or open a command prompt if you know how). Type this command:

    ipconfig /flushdns

    Then open your browser again and see if it works. If not, you might have to look for help on an XP networking forum or similar.


    Thanks for your concern and efforts to help me.
    I reinstalled both my ADSL and the wireless network here at home. I guess it had something to do with the firewall/ISP etc… Now it works perfectly, even windows live writer is connecting correct.

    Thanks again, I almost gave up my blog, but now I´m on the go again. <3

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