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    For the last 24 hours I can’t get any WordPress blog to display correctly. Tried three different browsers on two different computers – Chrome, IE, and Firefox. All I get is completely unformatted hypertext. Seems to be happening to every blog I go to, not only my own.
    Blog url:

    The blog I need help with is


    I don’t know how to help you and I have read several threads now that report what you are reporting. I have flagged this thread for Staff attention.


    Having the same problem with my site. Thanks “thistimethisspace,” for flagging the staff.


    What you’ve described, unformatted hypertext, sounds like a local network issue. It often happens when you are unable to load some of the supporting files for some reason.

    I just checked from my location, and here’s how it looks to me:

    For anyone experiencing the same issue bryantrice has described, can you please reply here with your general location in the world and your ISP?

    @bryantrice, what happens when you try to load the following linkā€”do you see a bunch of CSS code or do you see an error message?



    All I see on that link ( is code. For what it’s worth, I’ve experienced the problem at both work and home. Two different ISPs. I’m in Virginia and my ISP is Verizon.


    I have also a problem with the display of my blog.
    The background is white and the links are shown in a vertical way.
    Tried with different browsers, the result is the same. I’m from Greece. My ISP is “OTE Conn-x”




    same problem, in Utah.



    Same problem in Poland (monavie). But I started my blogs when I was in UK. Other my blogs on (e.g.Inwestowanie w nieruchomosci/ or Rozliczanie nieruchomosci)are OK. But I started theirs from Poland.
    So maybe it is a problem of some servers – some location in the world? I use WIN7 and Chrome.



    Thanks for providing additional information that gives Staff something to work with. Hopefully, the other bloggers posting to this thread will do the same.



    I just tested – did pings to the servers. 2 my blogs are on the same IP address. One of them is OK, second one looks not good. So it is not a problem with server, maybe.



    That’s useful information for Staff. Are you willing to post the URLs?


    All the blogs are looking funky for me too. The problem started 2-3 days ago.



    And what is your ISP?



    The problem for me seems to be intermittent. I was good for several hours from last night until today, but the problem has reappeared. Very strange. I’ve never experienced this before – with WP or any other website, and I’ve been online since back in the days when the internet was advertised on television.

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