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Blogs copying blogs articles?

  1. So yesterday I created two articles in my blog, under the heading of 'Bizarre Japanese Sports'

    Then today when I went to, I discovered that another site (Our Book of Scrap), had copied my article, claimed authorship, and given me 'tip' status (even tho' far from tipping them, I've NEVER had any contact with them at all!).
    Ballhype link:
    Link at the offending blog:

    First time anyone's done anything like this to me... and I am not claiming that I have any type of ownership over the story, but this is pretty blatant & cheeky...
    Any thoughts?

  2. Do a search of the main forum for "Splog" or "Blog Scraper" and you'll get the backstory (I should be asleep, so I'm going to make you do the search) and just wait till TT hears about this. What they did is illegal. Not everyone knows this, and they may well have intended it as an honor, but they had better bloody take it down now that you've asserted your rights in their comment section.

    You've seen my blog. You know what a PROPER referral blog looks's snippets and summaries, not wholesale theft.

  3. Yup.
    I do the same thing on Fridays, my 'Blog-sifting' segment - I list my top seven blog entries I've found to be worthwhile over the last week. You made it last week Rain (and I asked if you'd mind if I used the youtube clip - purely out of courtesy!)...

    Pretty miffed about this...

  4. Hosted on Send in what you wrote in your post with the links and everything and ask them to remove the blog.

    Gotta admit that that's is GoDaddy's saving grace. They don't like spammers.

    edit: You have to jump through hoops though.

  5. Thanks mike... it appears the story has been pulled... so I'm satiated for now...
    He's trying to assert that he's not necessarily guilty in Yardbarker & Ballhype tho'...
    Claims that the comment 'tip' is short for 'tip of the hat'.
    Whatever... some folks, huh?

  6. It is short for "tip of the hat" but it also stands for tips as in tipoffs, but that isn't the point. The point is theft.

  7. If he really becomes annoying, just google the contents of some of his other stories and when you find the original owners, tip them off. And then tip GoDaddy off. I've killed my fair share of scrapers that way.

  8. It all seems to have resolved itself relatively amicably... he was pissed that I posted in the comments section of the submissions to Yardbarker & BallHype, but I kept calm and suggested that he look at it from my point of view. He agreed that maybe more credit is due... anyway... moving this to resolved - thanks for the help rain & mike - I know what to do next time!

  9. He needed the lesson, and the hit on his reputation was earned. The way to compensate for that in the future is for him to stop doing that, and develop a reputation for fair use and promoting other people's blogs.

  10. No, Mike, I don't see the irony :|

  11. Agreed rain... and thanks for your public support there - I'm not sure if Blogger took down his article, or he did... but I'm pretty sure having more than one person outraged helped! Thanks again...

  12. I must confess that when I started out, I did this. But I did it all unknowing, and always thought linking to the source was good enough. I learned quickly that it's not. It's quite possible that he'll be grateful for the lesson later, but not for a year or so at least. This was productive from both sides, even if he doesn't agree at the moment.

  13. Rain... have you given any thought to the idea I sent you?

  14. Did I not reply already? I thought I had.

  15. Nope... no email yet...

  16. Whoops! Nevermind... you did. Oh well... the Olympics sounds fun tho'!

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