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Blogs disappearded

  1. Suddenly a number of Blogs were withdrawn from my blogsite King Billy's Republic. Is there any way to check, who did this?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. How many Admins does the site have? Have you looked in Trash?

  3. Just one, myself. All the blogs which disapeared, where more ore less critical Blogs about politics. The European and the Netherlands.

  4. @raincoaster, thank you, I checked Trash. Indeed, 21 articles in Trash. However, nobody has my Password, a 12 digit combination of words/figures/signs. And I did not, rpt did not, delete articles.
    Someone must have had nevertheless acces. Is there any program,that Rregisters Blog acces or manipulations ?

  5. No, there's no program, but here's how you deal with it.

    1) go to the email account that administers this blog. Change the password to something very, very strong.

    2) change the password of the username too.

    Usually what's happened is somebody has hacked your email and gotten in that way.

  6. @raincoaster. thanks! Will do. <

  7. Hi there!

    It looks like @raincoaster got you all sorted out. Follow their instructions on securing your passwords.

    To add another level of security, you can enable Two Step Authentication to your blog. Here's more information on this feature:

    I hope that helps!

  8. csonnek,

    I'l look into this.

    Real amazing how the WP Forum works out. A digibetic saved from disaster.......

  9. We do have awesome volunteers - glad they could help. :)

  10. hello my blog is disappeared
    what can I do? I want it back.

  11. @nihaia - I've responded to you in this thread:

    Please direct your responses there. Thank you.

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