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Blogs gone missing

  1. Really this is about all of my blogs, when I log onto WordPress, I only have access to the global dashboard.
    I can't actually get onto the dashboards for my individual blogs as they seem to be no longer registered in the "My Blogs" settings. This means I can't post any new posts to any of my blogs.
    All I can get to is the global dashboard which has very limited use.
    I would please like to know how to fix this, or for this to be fixed.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Got the same problem.

  3. We already have a post here about this problem.

  4. Fix'd

  5. Sorry, no, I got buttons on the front page, but then they disappeared when I went onto the Dashboard off one of my blogs...

  6. There was a temporary problem with the dashboards.

    @mozzilo Try clearing browser cache. If that doesn't help, please contact support about the buttons on the front page.

    Can you watch this thread for updates?

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