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Blogs I Follow & Flash Player Problems

  1. Using Firefox 17.0.1
    Shockwave Flash - 11.5.502.135

    When I go to Blogs I follow Flash Player starts loading and fills up all my memory - just keeps loading more stuff and ends up with over a 1 GB flash player memory use - seems to be Firefox only -

    Internet Explorer seems to work fine

    Started a day or two day ago

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Weird. I'm using the same browser and have the same Flash version and I am not experiencing that issue, yet (finger crossed).

  3. The Blogs I Follow just seems to reload every few seconds - have not tried a different computer yet - maybe I will give the laptop a try later this morning - was sort of tough finding what was happening other than my computer just got real real slow - and I had cleared some things also

  4. That must be a PITA. Do keep us updated.

    P.S. I have computer issues too. My old one is limping along. The new one is programmed and ready to go except for the data transfer. The techy can't do that until at least the 28th. :(

  5. allseasonscyclist

    I have not been able to use the WordPress Reader since yesterday. In some topics only a few articles are shown, and in others the page never stops loading and ends up crashing. I've had the same problem on three different computers and in all three browsers I use (Firefox, Chrome, and Safari).

  6. @allseasonscyclist
    Your issue is a Reader issue and that's not the topic here in this thread. You already posted here > One thread is enough.

  7. Same symptoms as auxclass and allseasoncyclist. The Reader/"Blogs I Follow" loads and loads and loads until my computer freezes.

    OS: WinXP Pro/SP3
    Browser: FF 17.0.1
    Flash version: 11.5.502.135

  8. There are a few other threads too, but I'm not sure they're all the same problem.

    I think this one is:

  9. Hi TT, Aux, JJ, AllSeasons and Nota,

    Are you still seeing this yourselves, or has it resolved at this point?


  10. The reader seems to be working normal now


  11. No more freezing and crashing for me either now - thank GOB! Now those I follow will get visits and comments from me. It's so aggravating that it took this long to get Staff to get on it and fix it.

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