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Blogs I follow not showing up under 'Reader' tab

  1. For several weeks now the 'Reader' tab on the wordpress home page is not showing the blogs that I follow. Only a '0' is listed. On another forum I saw a suggestion about clicking "Always use HTTPS when visiting administration pages" under PERSONAL SETTINGS. I did this and then it seemed to work for a bit. Unfortunately that fix didn't last very long. I have since unclicked and reclicked that setting. It will work for a little bit but then revert right back to not working.
    Any suggestions?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. This is happening to me too!!! And when I try to search for them via Topics, I can't access any topics either....weird.

  3. findingorderincorpusa

    It is interesting to know that i am not the only one, but it doesn't make me any happier...

  4. I am very glad I'm not alone! I hope someone will be able to help us out.

  5. christiewahlert

    Same problem here. I'm hoping someone from WP actually looks at this!

  6. christiewahlert

    At this point, I would just like to access my list of blogs in my WP Reader and transfer them over to another more stable reading platform! I don't even know how to access that list, though - all I get when I click "edit" is the same 0 at the top of the screen.

  7. You can access your list in the Dashboard section under Blogs/Follow. Hope that helps a bit!

  8. Low and behold, I just went and looked and it seems to be working....let's see for how long :)

  9. That's happening to me, too - some people show up every time, others don't, and it has nothing to do with my emails settings or anything else obvious...

  10. christiewahlert

    Thanks for the tip, @14jazz! I found another forum on this same issue, cleared my cache and browsing history, and it was finally working again. Just long enough for me to copy all the blogs I read over to Google Reader! :)

  11. Well, now it's not working again!! Hope someone "in the know" will help us out with this!

  12. This thread has been flagged for Staff attention.

  13. Has it started working again for everyone here, or just 14jazz?

  14. christiewahlert

    Once I cleared out my cache, it started working again for me.

  15. It's not working again for me, getting very annoying

  16. 14jazz, any specific tags, or just the whole thing?

    When it's not working, do you see anything in particular? An error, white page, loading indicator, etc?

  17. It's blank with a small '0' on the left side under the New Post tab.

  18. eatingdisorderstuff

    This only happens to me when I'm using wordpress on my phone. Very annoying. I also cannot leave comments on people's blogs when using the wordpress app on my phone. I have to view their blogs in the browser instead.

  19. christiewahlert

    macmanx, what 14jazz is describing (the main page with only a 0 showing up in the corner where the content should be) was exactly what was happening to me. I cleared out my cache and all internet history, and it started working again, if that helps you diagnose what's going on.

  20. My fix was temporary and I am again having issues with this. It works for a bit and then quits again. This is on my laptop

  21. 14jazz, does it start working again if you clear your browser's cache?

  22. benjamingrantmitchell

    Drivin' me nuts. I have at least a dozen blogs I'm following that don't show up in 'blogs I follow'

  23. When I click on Reader my screen goes blank except the header and I cannot access the blogs I follow at all!!!! Getting to be a pain in the a--!

  24. Mine did not work for over a month and then suddenly this past week it's working! But who knows for how long :)

    momtopki, one trick I learned while experiencing this was to go into personal settings (which is under USERS), click on and off any box you want then save it and then it seemed to work until I logged off again.

    Good luck!

  25. Hi guys! We made an update on 5/22 to try to fix the problem you reported where some people were unable to load anything in the reader tab. What was happening was that some requests were timing out and our developers made some improvements to try to help increase speed and prevent timeouts.

    What we fixed on 5/22 was a problem were no posts were showing up at all and you could either just see a spinner graphic or a "0" on the page.

    This bug report with lots of details (including a screenshot) is what helped to pinpoint the problem:

    If you guys continue to have trouble, could you please start a new thread with as much detail as you can give about the current problem you're experiencing or find a similar thread with the exact same issue and comment on that one? An issue where some blogs show up and some don't sounds like a separate problem to me.

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