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"Blogs I follow" suggestion

  1. I've noticed that lately when we follow a new blog I get notifications that new posts will be updated to my reader. That's cool, but we usually have "Blogs I follow" in my dash however since what I'd just mentioned began to take effect the new blogs I follow are not listed. It's a bit difficult when I want to go back and check out all of the in a list, it's convenient that way, otherwise I just forget half of the people I follow. Can something be done about this? I'm not sure if this is only happening to me.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Are you saying? When I follow blogs the posts do not appear in my Reader.!/read/

    If that is what you are saying, then Staff have been helping bloggers with Reader issues in this active thread and as you can post to it and get help there I'll flag this thread for closure.

  3. Oh no, it's just that I get the posts, nothing wrong with the actual reader. In the dashboard there's a link to all the blogs I follow but you see since we began having the option of reading new posts from the reader, the latest blogs that I follow are not being listed in my dashboard anymore. I'm sorry if I'm confusing you or making a big deal of this. Thanks.

  4. Aha! Now I understand what you mean. Several of the items we used to access form our dashboardds in our blogs have been moved to the main page of

    When you click this Blogs I Follow link in your dasboard you see a page that states this:

    You can now manage the blogs you follow in the Reader!/read/ on the home page.

    This is the management page for following blogs. You will receive an email at __________ whenever a new post is made on these sites. Unfollow a blog to stop receiving emails from that blog.

    If you are expecting to see blogs that you are following here please check that you used the same email address and that they are not still pending.

  5. You got it! But I haven't ever changed my e-mail on WP before, so I don't know ...

  6. I haven't changed mine either. The point is that the dashboard "Blogs I Follow" has been replaced by the Reader. Are the post from Blogs You Follow all found in the Reader!/read/ now or not?

  7. Yes they are, but I was used to them being 'listed', I guess I'm just being picky. If that's that then, then it's that (ha-ha couldn't help that) Do bloggers bug you like this often? (you don't have to answer that you don't wan to)

  8. You aren't bugging me. Staff have been moving some features that used to be on our dashboards to the front page of for a couple of months now. Best wishes with your blog. :)

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