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Blogs I follow Widget

  1. tylerjourneaux

    This is likely a question deserving of a simple answer. I have seen other users have a widget which reads "blogs I follow" followed by a list of blogs which are not necessarily blogs. I have been looking for this widget for a while, as I have blogs I follow which I would like to direct people to from my blog. I cannot find this widget. I note that this is different from the "follow blog" widget.

    How can I do this?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I believe your are referring to RSS widgets. The RSS Widget displays posts from any RSS feed. You might find this handy if you want to show off one of your other blogs, or one of your favorite blogs, in your sidebar.

  3. tylerjourneaux

    You may be right, but I do believe that, where I've seen what I'm looking for on other wordpress blogs, the title is "blogs I follow" on the top. At least, that's what the viewer sees. Can I make that happen with the RSS widgets?

  4. We can change the titles on widgets. I assume that's what the bloggers in questions have done but without seeing an example I cannot say that for sure.

  5. tylerjourneaux

    ok, thank you, I'll give it another go.

  6. tylerjourneaux

    Naw... ok, here's an example:

    Scroll down and you can clearly see "Blogs I read"

  7. What's critical is using the correct RSS feed URL. :)

  8. tylerjourneaux

    no.. again, it seems I just can't get there. I of course don't want to post only one link, or various links from one single blog, as you can see I have done by checking my blog and going to the bottom of the page.

    I'm trying to get the option to show various blogs.

    I apologize for the inconvenience of answering trivial questions, but I appreciate the answers.

  9. The Blogger (blogspot) widgets that allow you to post multiple feeds to multiple blogs in a single widget are not available here at What we have is the RSS widget and we can only use one widget for each blog. If you will please post a link to another blog that has the widget you want on it then I will tell you if it's possible here at or not.

    However, you could be referring to a Links widget. If you create a blogroll by using the instructions I just linked to then you can display the blogs you have added to it in a Links widget.

  10. We were typing at the same time. That's a Links widget so see what I posted above.

  11. tylerjourneaux

    close enough. Thanks

  12. I'm glad to hear that. Best wishes for happy blogging! :)

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