Blogs I follow widget – remove numbering?

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    There’s no reason for these to be numbered, and in fact I find it upsetting. I have no favourites – I like them all.
    How can I change to numbering to dot points, please?

    The blog I need help with is


    Start by changing the first ‘to’ in the last sentence to ‘the’.

    There’s a response (in my Media files) to someone else that tells me I can do this with CSS. I have it.
    Will somebody please provide me with the code?


    It has happened. How, I know not. Perhaps some kind Support person simply did it for me; but the fact remains that there are no longer any numbers against the blogs I follow.
    Deo gratias. :-)


    I’ve changed themes – I honestly hope for the ultimate time! – but found the ol problem again with Blogs I Follow (“I like these”).
    How does one alter an ol and make it a ul, please, team?


    I seem to’ve done it without even making the attempt.


    Hmmm, yes, there is no reason for that widget to show numbers. The good thing is they are gone. Nice job, whatever it was you did to get rid of them.


    If I knew what it was, O Hatted Wonder, I’d be a happy old woman.



    I don’t think any “kind Support person” would change something on your blog without telling you. You have added this:

    ul, ol {
        font-size: 13.5px;
        list-style: disc outside none;

    a) If you happen to need a numbered list in a post, it will show up as a bulleted list, and then you’ll need additional CSS to override the above. If you want the Blogs-I-Follow widget to show as a bulleted list, better limit the change to that widget alone.
    b) Your list widgets now have two different styles. In my opinion similar widgets should have the same style. If you agree, what would you prefer, the present styling of the Blogs-I-Follow widget or the present styling of the Recent Posts widget (or a modified version of one of the two)?


    Ah, so THAT’s how I did it. Of course! – I made both uls and ols into uls by adding the list-style disc. Clever old me! [grin]
    Probably the recent posts, Panos – and yes, you’re right about their needing to be the same.
    Tenks dullink!



    In that case remove this:

    ul, ol {
    font-size: 13.5px;
    list-style: disc outside none;

    Turn these:

    #secondary .widget ul, #secondary .widget > div > ul {
    font-size: 12.5px;
    list-style: disc outside none;
    #secondary .widget ol, #secondary .widget > div > ol {
    font-size: 12.5px;


    #secondary .widget ul, #secondary .widget > div > ul, #secondary .widget ol, #secondary .widget > div > ol {
    font-size: 12.5px;

    And add these:

    .widget_jp_blogs_i_follow ol {
    list-style-type: none;
    margin-left: 0;
    margin-top: -0.65em;
    .widget_jp_blogs_i_follow li {
    border-bottom: 1px solid #EEEEEE;
    margin-left: -7.04225%;
    padding: 0.65em 0 0.4em 7.04225%;


    Not only is your blood worth bottlin’, it’s worth freezing and sending up into space forever, where it would follow its own trajectory and send little shafts of pink shining light down upon the place beneath … :-)
    You little BEAUTY!
    This will be done before I go to bed, and that’s a fact.
    σας ευχαριστώ, as ever!


    Hmm … sumfing wrong. The blogs I follow aren’t obeying the 12.5px coding.


    And the follow me by email widget isn’t, now, either. WOT HAS HAPPENED?
    Sighh …



    a) [Like the organ donor in The Meaning of Life says:]
    But… I’m using it!

    b) ? All the text in your sidebar except the titles, the “Select Category” thingy and the content of the Calendar widget is 12.5px.


    I believe I rit somewhere else in my Support bleats something along the lines of “my cache must be slow to refresh”.
    I also believe I added to that a statement such as “I shall need to temper my expectations of the ‘speed’ of what I see”, in relation to said caching.
    You know, I read The Meaning of Life; and now I know why you’re JustPi – and I have to wonder how dumb one old broad can be. :-)

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