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Blogs keep disappearing

  1. If I publish more than one blog a day, the first one disappears, both from my admin panel and from my blog completely. For eg today, I published a blog called: Killer Moves and approx 15 mins later an article, the article is there but the first blog has disappeared.

    This has happened to me on numerous occasions so i took to only updating once a day which seems silly, and today tried my luck updating twice, stupidly without saving a copy of the blog I'd spent time writing and now it's gone!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. This is a bug that we haven't been able to narrow down. Your feedback is really useful, because nobody mentioned the once a day thing yet. That will help staff figure this out.

    Unfortunately until the bug is fixed, I have to recommend you either subscribe to your own blog via email or RSS so you have a copy OR you use an offline blog editor like Blogdesk or Windows Live Writer, which always keep a copy.

  3. What was the title of the second post which caused the first to disappear?

  4. The name of the second post is: Self-Harm in young on the rise says charity

    This happened on numerous occasions, normally if you post is within a few hours of the next one.

  5. Ok, I can't see any trace of the previous post, and it's not in the revisions for the current post, so it is unfortunately gone.

    Did you publish the two posts via Posts -> Add New in your blog's Dashboard, email, an app, or!/post/ ?

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