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  1. Andy has been hacking away and we're testing out something new here:

    Obviously there is no design yet, but I'm curious what you folks think about it.

  2. i feel like it's just an extended version of top wp blogs in the dashboard. maybe you should add a brief description of what is the blog about? sometimes the added info below the blog's name by the blogger doesn't give one an idea of what is the blog about. maybe even stg abt the blogger him/herself.

  3. I linked to that in another post. My ideas are over there.

  4. i like it!

  5. It seems to be an extension of what we already have on our dashboards. I like it but I'm wondering: is it meant to be an extension of what we have or is it meant to be a sustitute? If the space currently taken by the listings on the dashboard could be freed up for another use like a message board regarding maintenance shutdowns, etc. that would be cool.

  6. I see that my blog, Off The Broiler has been appearing on this page pretty frequently. What sort of algorithm determines what a Top Blog is?

  7. And Scooby's not number one. Granted I'm kind of iffy with Shii but still.

  8. I like it too, a little more features that the current one does not have.

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