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Blog's stats aren't working very well

  1. My stats are not showing correctly. I know that there are many reasons why stats won't work, but I think this is different. For the past week, every day, my stats claim that I have had 8 views from Ireland. Every single day. It's theoretically possible, but I think it's a glitch. Is there something I can do to refresh the stats without wiping stats history?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Is there something I can do to refresh the stats without wiping stats history?


  3. I also have a problem with stats : I have started a new blog which I kept private access. So, no one expect me was supposed to view it, however the stats show over 100 views the first day, and over twenty views following day. Does it mean that my own accesses are counted? IThis is not supposed to, right? And even then, I don't go into my blog that many times in a day....
    Can somebody tell me how this is possible and how I can rely on stat once I make my blog public?

  4. is not private - I can see it

  5. yes, I made it public just today. The problem I explained is about the previous days...

  6. Logged in users page views are now counted for Private blogs - otherwise you would never have a page view at all - this was changed maybe a year back

    @aeysh - you can add an outside stats like Cluster Maps to see where visitors come from - use the plain html version

  7. @auxclass,
    That's a good point about Cluster Maps. Though they count slightly differently to WordPress and the stats are not identical I like to see that they are in line.

  8. No two stats packages agree - the trend is your friend sort of - when I had my .ORG installed blogs, the stats were on the same server as my site - I had three different packages and then added Jet Pack for a while and things were all a bit different

    Site Meter will save a longer list of recent visitor locations so they could see if Ireland shows up every day - but Cluster Maps will show a longer history on the Map (with you upgrades)

    I have sort of given up on the exact place visitors come from and watch the trend and total counts from different countries

  9. @auxclass,
    Thanks for your reply.

  10. you be welcome & good luck

  11. I was actually asking in the hope that there was a way the stats could be "refreshed" or something, but I know they never really work perfectly. Thank you everyone for your feedback, I think I'll just leave it the way it is and not take its information as totally accurate.

    In case you were wondering, Ireland no longer shows up, which is either a good thing or I've lost a follower from Ireland! :)


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