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    Hi there

    I wondered if anyone may be able to help, is it possible to go for the custom design upgrade and then the bundle at a later date if needed? (we are not sure if we will need the extra features, and this may not become apparent until further down the line).

    Also, I need to set up several blogs for different projects all linked to one organisation. Would I have to pay for the custom design on each of these individual blogs, or could I pay once, possibly linking the blogs in some way? Not sure how people normally go about setting up a series of blogs linked to one business…

    Also, the blog I will be producing will need to include a sidebar with links to other documents/websites. Is it better to use a free CSS template with built-in wordpress blogging platform rather than a free blog and pay for additional features? And would I need to be a technological whiz kid in order to do this? (I’m very new to this, but have some html/css knowledge which I have taught myself).

    Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks for your help


    The blog I need help with is



    Yes, it’s possible to buy part of the bundle and then upgrade at a pro-rated rate later. You need to deal with staff directly on that, though.

    Each upgrade is per blog, per year, so yes, you will need to buy separate upgrades and renew yearly for each if you want custom design.

    I’m not really sure what your last big paragraph means. You can’t use any themes or templates from outside WordPress.COM on a blog. And if you don’t want free hosting here, you have to buy hosting elsewhere, which is usually more expensive than just a Custom Design upgrade.


    There are quite a few places you can get hosting for $10/mo or less and do pretty much whatever you want. Most have some kind of disk space and traffic limitations, but offer upgrades for those. They may also have limits on domains and subdomains.

    They will probably require more than just a limited understanding of HTML/CSS to manage properly though, especially for multiple sites.

    Really depends on your goals and abilities.


    Thanks for your help raincoaster and notawoodpecker. Could you please advise how I could contact staff directly at wordpress? I thought it was through this support forum but perhaps there is a phone number/email address?

    Also, is it possible to upload pdf docs to your wordpress theme which appear as links on the side bar?

    Thanks for your help



    Hi Mary,

    You can indeed upload documents to your blog. You would use the media uploader:

    You can then link to them in your sidebar by using a Text Widget:

    In the above link, you’ll see “related articles” which link to all the available widgets. Widget is a fancy word for tools or content that you can add, arrange, and remove from the sidebar(s) of your blog. Widgets make it easy to customize the content of your sidebar(s).

    Does that help clear up some of your additional questions?

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