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  1. I want the site name , but I discovered that someone registered it before me. If you access this blog it is empty without any article, since its creation (long long ago). Why it is allowed this situation??
    I would like to use this name but I can't do it because someone have it with no purpose. This is frustraiting and unfair. Jorge [email redacted]
    Blog url: http://%5Bemail redacted]

  2. My email appeared incorrect is : [email redacted]

  3. If you can find the blog owner, you can ask him to transfer it to you. If you cannot find him, there's nothing you can do. It's his blog.

  4. We do not provide email support and email addresses are redacted by the software on this public forum so they are not harvesting be email adrress harvesting spam bots.

    Blogs belong to those who create them and there is no requirement that one must use a blog they register. Staff will not snatch back an unused blog and gift to someone else. If the blogger who owns the blog has contact information or open comments then please contact them. If they agree to give you the blog this process can be used to transfer it Otherwise, you are out of luck and will have to register another blog on a sub-domain URL.

    That being said, bloggers who are commited to blogging over the long term don't blog on sub-domains. They purchase a domain name via a domain mapping upgrade and you can do that too. See here >

  5. ~~raincoaster
    didn't refresh - good morning

  6. I can´t understand that user policy, because in every free web hosting that I known, if you don´t have activity in your site during two months it is disabled at first and erased at last. It is a matter of resources, time and disk space. I think you are too generous.
    I insist that is frustraiting and unfair. Thank for your answer.

  7. Yes, it's true that all businesses can set their own policies and that has a policy that does not meet your expectations. However, as I pointed out this is a non-issue if your purchase a domain name via a domain mapping upfrade as it does not matter what the underlying sub-domain URL is when you have a domain of your own being mapped from it. Best wishes to you whatever you may choose to do.

  8. There have been several memorial sites set up here to honor a friend or relative that has passed on - how would you feel if you set up a site to honor a loved one and 90 days after the last post the site was deleted because your loved one was not alive to blog on a regular basis. There are also many resource sites and once the resource info has been set up there is little activity on the blog.

    WordPress.COM is paying for the servers so they set the rules. I personally like that sites will live on.

  9. Ok, I respect your sentimental idea, but I prefer a place where I can feel alive and not a cemetery or a ghost town. Thank you all.

  10. Best wishes to you. :)

  11. alive and not a cemetery or a ghost town

    With some 31,000,000 blogs not a ghost town at all

    See also Freshly Pressed for the daily action:

    The best of 405,847 bloggers, 827,090 new posts, 1,534,796 comments, & 194,000,705 words posted today on

    To me 827,090 posts in one day is not a graveyard

  12. Ok, I respect your positive point of view. But I think that are 827,090 flowers in a graveyard . It is like dead people talking with themselves. In numbers would be: 405847 x 2 = 811,694 . That is the explanation.Thank you all again for these funny moments.

  13. You're welcome from me.

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