Blogs written in Swedish get distorted punctuation

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    On April 5, 2012, WordPress did some programming code change that inadvertently damaged the use of single quotation marks in blogs with Swedish as the specified language.

    This is a reminder about this problem, which I reported here in mid-April and after some back-and-forth got word from a WordPress staff member who acknowledged it as a program bug which was going to be corrected. Now, after more than two months, all your Swedish bloggers are still getting their single quotations improperly marked.

    This is how the bug manifests itself: WordPress erroneously changes all single quotation marks around a word or words to double quotation marks. And even worse than that: when a non-space character immediately follows the closing quotation mark, the opening quotation mark appears as a double and the closing quotation mark appears as a single.

    Both the infrequent usage of single quotation marks and the low fraction of your bloggers who are writing i Swedish will probably give correction of this bug a low priority. True, but let me remind you that bad punctuation often is a hallmark of sloppy writing and also that, in addition to insignificant little me, you are also hosting Swedish bloggers like Carl Bildt, the Swedish Foreign Secretary, who writes a daily blog about his adventures in world foreign politics. If he should attempt to use an expression within single quotation marks, then he would also wind up with faulty punctuation.

    The blog I need help with is



    I have noticed that your staff has accessed my earlier discussion, held here in April, so I am happy to know that your staff is currently working on my problem. Your staff members who worked on this issue on April 13-19 were michaelfields and yoavf.

    Let me give you the latest example of the bug appearing in my blog ( ).

    The bug shows up in my June 2012 post number 1516 (in Swedish “Inlägg 1.516”), at the very end of the second paragraph.

    , “döda eller levande’. ( in English , “dead or alive’. )

    This was written with a single quote both before and after the quoted words. Th resulting combination of quote signs is wrong in Swedish, and, as you see, it would be wrong also in English.

    If I had used a space character instead of a period immediately after the second quote sign, it would have appeared as a double quote. Likewise, if I had not placed a space character before the first quote sign, it would have appeared as a single quote.

    I hope that this information can be of help. I would like single quotes to appear as single quotes, in Swedish as well as in English. And it did work correctly until April 02, 2012.

    Thank you for all this work!

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