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Blogs You Read!

  1. So I thought it would kinda cool if we posted other blogs we read and like.

    Post the blog link and tell us why you like it.

    I'll start:

    This is my friends blog called Peace Love and Glitter.

    It's a great blog about make-up and beauty products.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. I'm pretty sure there's a post like this already, but it's probably way lost in the shuffle by now!

    This blogs called The Middlest Sister,

    A comic strip made out of felt! Nicole's stories are always funny and the art is unique.


  3. moved to "off topic forum"

  4. Hello there,
    Always Well Within – Tapping into your own inner spring of true happiness and freedom. It’s a place for exploring ways to lead a more inspired, authentic, and healthier life by transforming your mind, opening your heart, and embracing the fullness of life.

  5. I really enjoy this comic strip about wombies>

  6. readytochangenow

    A Thousand Days

    Thoughtful well written essays that change how I view the world around me.

  7. Cycle Write Blog is a personal blog on cycling and how cycling leads to other things along the way and around the world. I'm not a cyclist but I love this blog. The images are superb and the writing is always top notch.

  8. I read my own blog. J/K.

    One I like is Sharkables. The author not only writes funny posts about office life, but is a great illustrator of sharks too.

  9. I read invisiblemikey - He tells stories as they relate to the topics, but too much specific information would compromise his invisibility. Interesting topics on a diverse range of issues and interesting comments too.

  10. Insanity Aquarium and Michael Cargill are my favourite fiction blogs :)

  11. phoenixtearsheal

    blogs I read? -
    nice ones :)

  12. jacquimartinfolio

    Hey there!
    I've just made a new blog!
    I basically blog about anything that comes to mind.
    It's funny colourful and you should come check it out!
    It will definitely come see yours too!
    Thanks so much!! :D

  13. Someone always has the break the rules!

  14. @Pete lol

    Nothing to Read Here

    He's a really down to earth, insightful guy... Who often Writes about the Craft of Writing, or just Insights into Life, or Himself

  15. phoenixtearsheal

    @pete - that's the kobayashi Maru for ya :)
    ah beam me up.....

    truth is
    I like to protect as much as possible the one's I follow

  16. plasticdaffodils

    I also read The Middlest Sister, she's amazing.

    The Angry Pear is also a really fun blog - all about the daily lives of pears.

  17. I enjoy The Mainland and Mr. Kangster.

  18. wordwatchtowers

    Creative, witty and informative: 'Cartoons and Creative Writing'

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