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  1. I have a website but have flexibility in adding plugins . A problem has developed with BlogSense which seems to no longer be functional as the website appears to be " parked". Need to know how to remove this from website and directory .

    Need help in knowing how to remove this from my website and from the server as I was notified that a copy of the content was apparently put into web root of my blog . The note below I received back from the webhost :

    It appears the BlogSense-WP\ folder is only a copy, as it's contents already exist in /home/diana/public_html

    It looks like the main source of these is BlogSense Connects heartbeat.php - you might want to inquire with them concerning this. Almost all of heartbeat.php 404's are from your own blog connecting its own /auto/heartbeat.php.

  2. This is the support forum. What is the URL starting with http:// of the blog in question here?

  3. Hello~

    BlogSenseWP's website is located at and is for wordpress self hosted installations.

    To uninstall BlogSenseWP please disabled the WordPress plugin 'BlogSense Connect' and delete the 'auto' folder (or whatever folder the suite is installed in) from your WordPress parent directory.

    BlogSenseWP is still a very live and active automation tool that provides support community for customers at

    BlogSense Support

  4. Hello ,
    Thanks for the speedy reply . The Blog is . In its development some images and content may have been programmed in with the Blogsense to produce high percentage of error codes like 404 - page not found and Redirects . Some of this coding is in the root directory . The following is an example of some of the Errors that came up within a limited period of time that was captured by the current web host . If you have any suggestions of changes that perhaps could be made in the Genesis or within the root directory that perhaps would not cause instability issues or is it best to just try to work around it as we have thus far ? Thanks for any help you can provide .

    [code redacted as requested]

  5. ^^ That is NOT a site and no one here can help you with your issue.

    Check on the forums or with your webhost.

  6. Hi Zzz,

    Please use the official BlogSense Support Forum to request support. is an inappropriate place since it has very little to do with BlogSense and self hosted WordPress installations.

    But please, if you are unfamiliar with BlogSense, not using it, and would like to discontinue automated activity please disable the WordPress plugin 'BlogSense Connect' and you should not experience any more issues related to heartbeat.php.

  7. Since this coding is possibly a source of malicious tampering - I would appreciate your SUPPORT in deleting my two previous posts or instructing me as to how to go about doing it . Thanks .

  8. You can't delete them.

  9. Although I see my replies when logged in, I do not see them when logged out. Are they not being approved?

  10. I'm going to mark this resolved since it isn't a issue, and so other users who may have the same question can search for it.

  11. I prefer that it be deleted but you said you can't . So , just let it get lost and not come up in the Search results . I prefer that you do not use "Resolved" as it has not really been resolved and I would much rather that it not appear in the search results at all - as I received no help and it shows vulnerabilities that need not be expanded . Thanks .

  12. Hi Adistantbox,

    Your comments were being marked as Spam. Since your comments help to successfully resolve the post (and aren't spam at all), I've pulled them out of the spam folder.

  13. Cheers! Thank you.

  14. Thanks for your posts and your attention to this matter . The Blogsense and Blogsense Connect had already been disabled before I contacted you . Obviously this is probably a matter of hacking and cannot be resolved by you or Blogsense. Again I request that you do not treat this as being resolved and entered into the search results for obvious reasons . You may mark as Spam.

    Thank you !

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