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  1. I want to ask few questions about " Blogs of the Day" rating.

    Do I have to do anything to start getting rated for that top? The problem is that my blog, although new, has a decent traffic, compared to other blogs of my country (Lithuania) but it is nowhere in the top.

    Actually if you choose to filter only my country's top posts there are only 25-27 of them, although I guess it should be TOP 100.

    So what's the problem? By what criteria is Blogs of the Day elected? Is it traffic, number of comments or anything else?

  2. It's daily traffic on recent posts (6 weeks old or less). A couple of 100 visitors will probably get you on the top 100, you need several 1000 to get in the top 10. Top spot is around 10,000 visitors to a new post that day.

    also, your blog cannot be marked mature.

  3. But why there are only 30 blogs in Top 100 and I'm not between them although I THINK, that I have more traffic than the blog that's in the last place (I'm talking about posts' top)?

  4. I do think you have to have been around for the six weeks, though. Is your blog that old? engtech's hit numbers seem high: I've been #1 post on WordPress with only about 2900 hits, but maybe Scoble was having a day off that day. Right now I'm at #9 in English, #22 overall, with 1540 hits so far today. I won't hit three thousand today unless something goes crazy.

  5. Might be just that, raincoaster. My blog is just a few days old.

  6. Taking neomeme as an example:

    Started on December 29, 2006

    #1 spot on Jan 15th, 2007

  7. 17 days. Must be nice...

  8. Ok, now I'm even more confused. I've registered another blog yesterday and it's in the Lithuanian top blogs list already.

    It has only one post and one comment and my main blog has lots of comments and quite few posts.

    Maybe someone could tell how-to or check if my main blog ( is marked as 'Mature'?

    EDIT: Corrected my blog address.

  9. Easy way to check to see if your blog is marked mature is see if your posts are showing up in the Tag System. If they are not, then you may be marked as mature. If your posts are there (and remembering that the tag pages are cached), then you're not marked mature.

    edit: Easier way to check, if you're on the Top100 listing, then you're not marked as mature.

  10. Thanks drmike.

    Well, I'm in Tags system, so I will wait for another 15 days and see what happens.

  11. >I've been #1 post on WordPress with only about 2900 hits

    Interesting ... with 9,633 visitors in a day I could not even get to the top blog of the day.

    On another blog, with almost 7000 page views in a couple of hours and about 20,000 over about three days my blog showed up as only #10 on the top blogs list. (that was the one mentioned in the New York Times.

  12. My #1 spot was due to the fact that one of my posts made it to the front page of Digg. (The password post, ) This gave it a surge of about 15,000 visitors in 4-5 hours. That's obviously enough to make it to the top. In fact, that post continues to drive enormous amounts of traffic to my blog(it's been linked from many blogs, including Lifehacker) with 43,626 hits to date(compared to 368 hits for my next most popular post LOL). Without the Digg effect of a huge wave of visitors, getting to the top is nigh impossible unless you have an enormous existing audience like Scobleizer.

  13. The entire Top Blogs list doesn't seem to work directly from hits, though. My hits were slightly above what they usually are yesterday, but I've dropped out of the top 100 entirely, which shouldn't have happened at that level. But I hadn't posted for two and a half days, so I expect that has something to do with it. Either that or there's been a huge surge in everyone else's hits this weekend and only a minor one in mine, so 50-60 people passed me.

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