Blogstats for individual pages always times out

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    When I attempt to view blogstats for individual pages (when I click on the little graph icon to the right of a page listed in “Top Posts”), the javascript on the next page (the one that says, “These are the stats for just this post”) ALWAYS times out, puts in the bright orange box, lists the script name, says it timed out. Always. I have NEVER seen a graphic for just a page.

    Windows XP, Firefox 2, scripts enabled. Everything else in wordpress appears to work just fine.



    I’m encountering the same exact issue…



    I’m experiencing the same thing on my blogs and I assume that the problem is widespread. I also assume that staff are aware of the issue as they do have the forum on rss feeds. I’m going to be patient and blog on.



    I’ve noticed the same problem. For me, it’s just a quirk. I’m still getting used to all that WordPress offers and just haven’t seen this site feature in action yet. I too, will be patient.



    Hmm, works for me in IE7 but I do get an error of the page:

    Line 2240
    Char 5
    Error: Object Required
    Code 0

    Two of you are on the same ISP but the others aren’t. No one else lists your browser (*HINT* *HINT*) or version so that doesn’t help.

    I’ll send in an email and point staff to this.



    OS – Win XP (Media Center Edition) – Firefox
    Still timing out. However, I don’t consider this to be an urgent matter that needs to be dealt with by emailing staff on a weekend and isn’t Andy away? IMO Low priority.



    It’s been that way for me ever since it started; I did get to see the stats when I was on a high-speed connection on vacation, but since I’m back on regular low speed cable I can’t see it.



    Barry emailed me back and said that they’re aware of the issue and will have somone look into it.

    Hope this helps,

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